Billy shares positive news from Yei

Sunday February 16th 2020

Billy Smyth.

Positive news was broken to worshippers in Emmanuel Cathedral, Yei, South Sudan, this morning, and has been shared with us by Church Mission Society Ireland (CMSI) mission partner Billy Smyth.

Billy flew to Yei earlier this week to continue his work helping re-establish the Vocational Training College which he set-up when based Yei, but which had closed as a result of civil war.

In a message sent on Sunday February 16, Billy writes: “I have just returned from the morning service in Yei Cathedral. Bishop Hilary [Bishop of Yei] welcomed the announcement yesterday by President Kiir that he has agreed to form South Sudan into a 10 state country.

“Bishop Hilary went on to say when this notice came up on his phone, he found it hard to believe. He couldn’t accept it as fact until he saw President Kiir make the announcement on TV last night. Bishop Hilary praised the President for humbling himself, and removing a major stumbling block on the road to peace.

“We indeed praise God for this huge step forward in the life of this new nation,” Billy writes.

He continues: “Bishop Hilary asked those present also to follow President Kiir’s example in humbling ourselves in working for peace in our community. A new day is dawning for this young nation. Praise God.”

Further information on this development (Reuters).

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