Prayer rooms offer space for peace and reflection

Wednesday March 4th 2020

Stephen Whitten, from Connor’s Connect Base, is one of the organisers of ReLENTless 2020. He is pictured in the Prayer Room opened by Shankill Methodist Church on March 3.

ReLENTless Prayer 2020 is continuing in churches and Christian communities in north and west Belfast.

The ‘ReLENTless Prayer’ initiative is in its third year, and seeks to bring Church congregations and Christian communities together with a shared vision of encouraging people to pray and ask for God’s blessing and healing on the people and life of their community. Prayer spaces are open to everyone to drop in and spend time in quietness, to reflect and pray.

Central themes in prayer rooms include prayer for renewal and revival of faith in north and west Belfast, peace and harmony in communities, prayer for agencies that bring hope and help to the community, for doctors and hospitals, school teachers and a new enthusiasm for education amongst parents and children.

Our pictures show the prayer room which offered callers space for peaceful reflection in Shankill Methodist Church on Tuesday March 3.

Dates and times for all venues offering prayer rooms can be downloaded HERE

For more information on ReLENTless 2020 please contact Stephen Whitten on or Heather Carson on


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