Online ministry in these challenging times

Friday March 27th 2020

In the space of just a week, clergy in Connor have worked wonders when it comes to offering an online ministry to parishioners in these challenging times.

A glance through parish Facebook pages shows clergy using technology to put together prayers, readings, written messages of support, full services and more to ensure that the Church continues in this, the most challenging of times.

With many people isolated in their homes, some completely alone, it is vital that the Church continues to reach everyone.

An initial request that parishes let this website know what they were aiming to do in terms of online ministry was met by such a range of initiatives, it was apparent that keeping up and promoting the work of each and every parish was impossible.

Suffice to say that Connor clergy are all working hard to ensure that, as in the cartoon above, Church remains open even if – because of the virus that is attacking our world – the building has to close.

If you know someone who is isolated who does not use Facebook, but has a computer or smartphone, please consider talking them through Facebook when you are chatting by phone or video. They may need help setting up their own account or being guided towards their parish page.  Once in that virtual world, they can enjoy online ministry shared not only by their own rector, but by others in Connor Diocese and beyond.

As we approach a second Sunday of closed church doors, we hope everyone can avail of online ministry our clergy are providing. Please stay at home and protect yourself and others this weekend.

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