Nimble Fingers’ group crafts hearts and masks

Tuesday April 28th 2020

Care home staff try out the facemasks made by the Nimble Fingers group at Lisburn Cathedral.

Lisburn Cathedral’s craft group ‘Nimble Fingers’ has come up with a great way to support our community and front line workers.

Members of the group have been busy sewing and knitting, and have made face masks which they are giving to a local care home whose staff desperately need them, and little hearts for residents. 

Cathedral curate, the Rev Danielle McCullagh, said: “We’ve been conscious that people living in care homes aren’t able to see their families at the moment, so to help them feel connected, our ladies knit these beautiful little hearts to send to the families and a laminated heart to stick in their loved ones room at the care home.”

Well done to the ‘Nimble Fingers’ ladies!

Hearts for care home residents.


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