Advice for secure video conferencing

Wednesday May 20th 2020

The Representative Church Body (RCB) has issued advice to parishes in relation to secure video conferencing.

  • For applications which allow for password access, use a strong password for all meetings, create a new password for every meeting, and send details securely to participants (do not, for example, share details on social media);
  • Enable the ‘waiting room’ feature, where available, which allows the host to have the discretion to allow invitees in to attend the meeting;
  •  Manage the flow of the meeting by having a separate chairperson and meeting administrator, control the camera and mute options, and set the screen share to ‘host only’;
  •  Always start or join meetings via a browser or the link provided by the host for the meeting; this is much more secure than looking for the programme in an app store or by searching online (which may bring up a fake installer which can install viruses on to your device). One way to stay safe is to copy the ID from the link provided and enter it into the official application;
  •  Follow the Church’s social media guidance, including on safeguarding and video conferencing with young people.

The above advice is available on the main Church of Ireland website – guidance on online services, reflections and other content, which also covers safeguarding, avoiding advertising and external video content, data protection, and worship and copyright.

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