Bells of St Polycarp’s ring joyfully again!

Wednesday August 12th 2020

The bells of St Polycarp’s Church, Finaghy, sounded wonderful as they were rung for the first time in around three years on Sunday August 9.

The bells have been out of action as some of the wires attaching the pull hammers to the bell mechanisms were either loose or frayed and ready to snap.

The rector of St Polycarp’s, the Rev Louise Stewart, said that further inspection had revealed some of the mechanisms in the bell chamber were in need of significant repair.

“The job was not undertaken for some time as monies had to be prioritised to other more urgent areas of church life,” Louise explained. “Thanks to generous bequests given in remembrance of two long time parishioners, Mrs Sallie Kenwell and Mrs Dawn McConnell, the necessary works have recently been undertaken and the bells are once again operational and joyfully sounding out the call to worship from St Polycarp’s once more.”

The video shows Rachel playing the bells on August 9.

The St Polycarp’s bells ringing proudly again.


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