Lauren (13) takes on 100 mile challenge for Teenage Cancer Trust

Thursday August 27th 2020

Lauren (13) is running 100 miles in August to raise funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

A 13-year-old from Connor Diocese is proving to be a real inspiration, having set herself a challenge of running 100 miles during August to raise funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Lauren chose the charity because of the ‘incredible’ things it does for children with cancer in Northern Ireland.

“During lockdown, I got an insight into what kids my age with cancer go through every day,” she said.

“I’ve only been a teenager for a year and I’ve already had so much fun and so many experiences. I believe every teenager deserves that. The Teenage Cancer Trust works hard to ensure these young people are teenagers first and cancer patients second.”

Lauren said the charity works to improve the chances of survival for young people with cancer and to improve their quality of life.

“It’s been an eye opening experience, I’ve met so many people who have unfortunately had to battle cancer or are currently battling cancer, and many other Christians like myself,” she said.

“I’ve also learned how the Teenage Cancer Trust supports patients when they have to miss religious holidays or events because of treatment and how they go out of their way to make life as normal as possible for these teenagers and young adults.” 

Lauren is now 70 miles into her 100 mile challenge, and has to date raised £499 for the Trust.

“The support I’ve had during this has been unreal, however seeing what these kids go through everyday shows that they truly are the real heroes and everyone who donates is a hero too!” Lauren said.

“This money makes a huge difference in someone’s life and can even save someone’s life. I hate that some children have to go through this, but knowing the Teenage Cancer Trust is by their side makes every step worth it!”

Lauren said she had taken on some fun and challenging tasks as she has been clocking up the miles, including a half marathon.

“I also battled a run through Storm Ellen!” she said. “I’ve run all over Ireland from Ballymoney to Tramore and it’s been the best experience! 

Lauren’s mum Sinead said: “We are extremely proud of Lauren’s determination and the selfless way she has chosen to use her time in lockdown.”

If you would like to help Lauren raise funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust, please contact Sinead on 07711 281644.

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