Choir member retires after 59 years’ service

Wednesday September 16th 2020

Bassett and Angela Morwood pictured in St Polycarp’s following the choir presentation.

Shortly before lockdown, Bassett Morwood decided to stand down from the choir of St Polycarp’s, Finaghy, after an incredible 59 years’ service.

When the church reopened, a presentation was made to him on behalf of the choir following a morning service. This was a ‘thank you’ for his remarkable record of dedication and loyalty to the choir and St Polycarp’s, for his contribution to the church’s music and worship, and for his friendship to all.

The Rev Louise Stewart, rector of Finaghy and Upper Malone, said: “Bassett’s melodic tenor voice will be greatly missed from the back row of the choir stalls and a mere ‘thank you’ seems so inadequate after such dedication and commitment.

“Happily, Bassett’s voice will now augment the congregational singing when that is permitted, so he and his wife, Angela – who has 40 years’ service in the choir – can still join us together in worship as we glorify God in St Polycarp’s.”

St Polycarp’s Director of Music, Simon Neill, described Bassett as ‘a true, talented gentleman whose dedicated service to our choir has been unwavering.’

Simon recalled: “One of my fondest memories of Bassett’s time in the choir was at the recording of our debut CD. He performed, with only one take, Maurice Greene’s ‘Thou visitest the earth’ and after listening back to the cut, he still said, ‘I could have done better!’

“Bassett is modest with his stunning singing talent and he will be sorely missed from our tenor line, but I know that he has helped shape our wonderful musical heritage in St Polycarp’s.”

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