St Katharine’s crosses ‘have blessed many’

Thursday November 5th 2020

As part of its All Saints’ Day Communion Service on Sunday November 1, St Katharine’s Parish Church, Belfast, dedicated 240 handheld crosses which were presented to the Northern Ireland (NI) Hospice the following day.

The rector and volunteer chaplain, the Rev Canon William Taggart, has been involved with the NI Hospice for 20 years, and as part of the parish’s support for him and his ministry, St Katharine’s has presented hundreds of these crosses which are given to the patients by the chaplains. 

William has seen first-hand the comfort these small gifts mean to those who receive them as the end of life approaches and words are less important.

The Hospice’s Lead Chaplain, Jim Armstrong, wrote: “I cannot express the impact that these crosses often have on our patients. Just the feeling of something so tangible and comforting brings comfort and relief.

“In these difficult days of restrictions and isolation, the touch of wood resting easily in the palm of the hand is a reminder of a God, who is ever present and abiding.

“Your congregation have blessed many through their thoughtfulness, practical love and generosity. So, on behalf of those whom you don’t know and will probably never meet, I thank you. Only eternity itself will reveal the blessing these crosses will bring.”

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