Online training for Sports Chaplains

Friday January 22nd 2021

In preparation for the year ahead, Sports Chaplaincy Ireland’s Induction Course and Training begins with an free online taster session next Wednesday January 27 at 6.45pm-8pm via Zoom.

This will be followed by online induction / training sessions via zoom on Monday February 1 and Wednesday February 3 from 7-9pm. The fee for this is £35. 

All training is hosted by the very experienced Sports Chaplaincy UK Leadership Training Team – Warren Evans ( CEO ); Matt Baker (Pastoral Director England);  Mark Fleming (Pastoral Director Scotland); Martin and Heather Lewis (Pastoral Directors Wales); and Philip Mitchell (Sports Chaplaincy Co-ordinator in Ireland).

Anyone who is interested can sign up for the TASTER session or for the INDUCTION training.

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