A new space to reflect planned for Greenisland

Wednesday January 27th 2021

A new community project providing an outdoor space for people to reflect and to remember those who have died is being planned in Greenisland.

Κάλλος – the Greek spelling of KALLOS, meaning beauty and wellbeing – aims to provide a space for reflection – created by the local community.

The Rev Isy Hawthorne-Steele, priest-in-charge of the Church of the Holy Name, Greenisland, said: “The idea is to create an area where we could possibly have picnic tables and benches where people can come and have a cup of tea and chat.

“Another idea is to use this space as a garden of reflection and remembering loved ones who have passed away. We could do this perhaps, by having a shrub or flower planted in their memory, and have name plates made and displayed.”

The project envisages planting the area with native plants, flowers and colourful shrubs. There will also be a leaf composting area. 

“The key thing is to make this a community project that is created by the community for the community,” said Isy. “We hope that all groups and community representatives will be involved in the practical end, for example, making the benches, tables, planting, creating leaf compost, etc, and of course looking after it! This way we believe people will have a sense of ownership.” 

Isy described this as an ‘outside’ initiative that can help with mental health issues – getting people to re-engage with others. It will also serve as a mission outreach.

Κάλλος – A space to reflect on life – has already attracted interest from a number of groups, including the local Presbyterian Church, football club, community group, council representatives, youth club, the Probation Board for Northern Ireland, horticultural consultants and local allotment keepers.

“It’s an intergenerational group that is obviously adhering to current restrictions, and will hopefully grow,” said Isy.

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