‘I want it now!’ – Bishop George continues Lent series

Thursday March 4th 2021

Watch ‘I want it now!’ – the third in a series of Lent Talks by Bishop George on the theme: Faith in the tough times.

The bishop is sharing a video on the Connor Facebook page every Wednesday evening during Lent. The series to date can be found on YouTube.

Bishop George includes some questions and the Bible reading for Talk Three is Habakkuk 1v12 – 2v1.

Discussion Questions:

  • Are we good at patience in the 21st century? Give examples/reasons for your opinion.
  • Are 21st century nations guilty of “sacrificing to the net” (celebrating their own abilities instead of acknowledging God’s sovereignty). In what ways? 
  • What would it look like in our lives if, like Habakkuk, we made God our confidante, the one we turn to first in everything, rather than a last resort in times of trouble?

Bishop George shares a reflection on his talk on the topic ‘I want it now’ in today’s Irish News.

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