Bishop’s Lent series comes to an end

Thursday March 25th 2021

The Bishop of Connor’s series of online Lent Talks came to an end on Wednesday March 24 with the Rt Rev George Davison speaking on the topic ‘The God of Me.’

This was the sixth in a series of talks on the theme ‘Faith in the tough times,’ and the six videos have to date received a collective total of more than 8,600 views on Facebook alone. They are also available on the diocesan YouTube channel and can also be downloaded from Google.

The talks were as follows:

  1. Honest Communication
  2. Unexpected Answers
  3. I Want it Now
  4. Honest Reflection
  5. The God of Past and Present
  6. The Lord of Me

Each week, Bishop George highlighted a Bible reading from the Book of Habakkuk relating to his talk and included thought-provoking questions, helping parishes and groups who were holding online discussions after  each talk.

The reading for talk six – ‘The Lord of Me,’ shared above, is Habakkuk 3:16-19

Discussion questions for this talk are:

  • Thinking about what has been said this evening on the nature of faith, what is the difference between being religious and being a person of faith? Is it possible to be one without being the other?
  • As Habakkuk spent time thinking, praying, and listening to God, he recognised that process had changed him. In what ways do you think this statement is true? As you’ve spent these last weeks considering what it means to have ‘faith in the tough times,’ can you identify any changes in your own thinking or outlook?  
  • Finally, if a friend or work colleague were to ask you why you continue to have faith in God during all the challenges of the past year, what might you say to them?

Speaking ahead of the series, Bishop George said: “The challenges of the past year have brought disruption to the way in which we relate to one another in our parishes.

“In this series of midweek talks for Lent, I hope to explore some of the ways that our faith in Christ not only sustains us through the difficult days, but challenges us to grow in Christian love and service to one another and the communities where God has placed us.”

The talks were shared on Facebook at 7pm each week, and a reflection by Bishop George on the previous evening’s talk appeared in the Irish News each Thursday. You can read the reflection on ‘The Lord of Me’ HERE. The talks remain available for download from YouTube and Google.

The ‘Faith in tough times’ series was well received on Facebook. Comments left by viewers include.

“Thank you for a challenging yet appropriate message.”

“Thank You for letting me enjoy such a respectful prayer.” (Viewer in Pennsylvania, USA).

“First rate. No punches pulled in sharing a ‘No punches pulled’ prayer. Raw and respectful.”

“Motivational and uplifting testimony… Thank you for your encouragement and honesty.”

“Blessed to sit at the end of the day and be taught and challenged and encouraged.”

 “Thank you for your thoughtful and thought provoking lenten talks Bishop. We at St Patrick’s & St John’s Whitehead & Islandmagee House Group have enjoyed meeting each week on Zoom to consider the talks and to respond to your questions. It certainly made for some very interesting discussions.

“Thank you Bishop George Davison – the last six weeks have been very helpful and meaningful.”

“Thank you so much for these talks – they have been very helpful for the times that are swamping me …”


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