‘Keeping in Touch’ – new sustainable, ethical resource for young people

Thursday May 27th 2021

Connor Youth Officer Christina Bailie and Susie Keegan from Dublin and Glendalough Diocese have today launched a new resource to help parishes and young people stay connected.

The Keeping In Touch project is funded by the Church of Ireland Youth Department (CIYD) and the Education Authority Northern Ireland.

It is aimed at giving parishes a resource to keep in touch with young people, encouraging connection and providing a way to invite young people to in-person events.

The pack has been shaped to reflect the Five Marks of Mission and has been planned to be as sustainable and ethical as possible.

Susie said: “Young people have been through a lot over the past year so we must take the opportunity to reach out to them and seek to support them. The resource allows young people to connect with nature as they plant their postcard to grow wildflowers and a reminder of hope for them and their communities.

“We have worked really hard to ensure the packs are comprised of sustainable elements and are ethically produced.”

Christina added: “As restrictions ease, we have the opportunity to reconnect with young people. We believe this resource will support local leaders to rebuild those connections and remind young people that we are here for them.

“By reflecting the Five Marks of Mission, this provides a helpful starting point for young people and leaders in their conversations.”

The resource includes:

  • A postcard, made from seed paper, which can be personalised by local Parish leaders.
  • A wooden token with the word HOPE.
  • The opportunity to donate a Euro to a charity of their choice.

Susie and Christina say the Five Marks of Mission encourage us to consider our actions and how we live. Each Keeping In Touch pack connects with these five things: Tell, Teach, Tend, Treasure and Transform.

TELL: The Bible Verse (Psalm 71:5) used on the postcards made by a small Irish business provides an opportunity for young people to be reminded of the life-giving news within the Bible. Alongside the postcard features a wooden token with the word HOPE. These have been made individually by The Yard Solas Project, Dublin and acts as a reminder of calm and comfort for young people.

TEACH: The postcards are blank on the back and you are welcome to write a message to decorate the front of the postcard as you like. It invites the church community together to express their care and support for the young people.

TEND: Christians are encouraged to respond to the needs of the world. The project has chosen three charities that do good work and young people can choose one that resonates with them and pledge a euro to that charity.

TREASURE: Part of following God means enjoying the world and his creation. Each postcard is made from seed paper meaning young people can plant it and wildflowers can grow!

TRANSFORM: By pledging a euro to charity, planting wildflowers or connecting with a local parish, Christina and Susie believe these packs can transform, parishes and communities across Ireland.

There are 2,500 packs available. Your parish is invited to request a pack for each young person by completing this FORM.

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