‘Worship in the Woods’ at Carnmoney

Wednesday July 14th 2021

For the first time in 16 months, the children from the ‘Faith Factory’ at Carnmoney Parish Church were able to gather together, not in the church, but in the Glebe House gardens on a beautiful sunny day.

The rector, the Rev Andy Heber said: “Using some fabulous All-Age material material written by Engage Worship, the event was called ‘Worship in the Woods,’ and with the help of worship, teaching, games and a treasure hunt and refreshments, the children thought all about trees and what they can teach us about God and our relationship with him.”

The treasure hunt was particularly popular as the children searched for answers about trees in the bibles which were pinned to some of the trees in the extensive grounds, and in the process they found various bags of treasure too.

Andy added: “Many parents stayed to watch while the event took place, enjoying the sunshine. It was so good to gather together once again, enjoy each other’s company and also see how much the children had grown!”

An outing for the children to Carnfunnock Park is planned for later in the summer before the Faith Factory will hopefully recommence in September.

Fun in the woods in Carnmoney.

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