Canon pens poem ahead of COP 26

Wednesday November 3rd 2021

As he looked ahead to the opening of the COP 26 conference in Glasgow on October 31, the Rev Canon Raymond Fox penned a poem which reflects on the summit now taking place.



May seem a little strange at seventy five
My interest in survival of our humanity
Those far away, with droughts and floods
While at home little changes, blue bin, red
Where else can I start but on my doorstep

On the eve of COP26, and yes it’s no 26
Those 25000 people arriving in Glasgow
Into their ears, cataclysmic climate change
Scientists, more scientists, legions of them
Asking, which bit do you not understand

Like the glass walls of a greenhouse, gas
Layers of gas, heat passes through, daily
Gas stops it returning back through again
So more heat is trapped, between earth
And gas, the climate continues to warm up

Days before COP26 , Code Red For Humanity
Highlighting gaps between promises, reality
If we don’t act, here as well as far away, crisis
There will Report says be irreversible catastrophe
Will be people who know problem..and…

Fix it or not, limit temperature or not, dilemma
Scientists say limit to 1.5 rise, do nothing 2 or more
The longer we continue to omit carbon dioxide gas
Nitrous oxide, methane, the more risky our plight
UN Sec Gen, here’s a ‘thundering wake up call’

The good news is..the climate can still be stabilised
The question for COP26 and for me is very stark
We know the problem, how quickly are we prepared
To fix it, in our so called developed world and
Help the less developed world make their change

It’s not watch the future but change the future, for all
And this affects the Good News, God calls us to care
Faith affirms our earth is a gift from the creator, sustainer
We are entrusted to be coworkers for God’s glory, honour
This trust requires abilities, responsibilities, integrity
It rejects wanton neglect, selfishness, pride, negativity

Rather it affirms the promise of a new earth, new heaven
It promotes a vision of wholeness, peace, as well as hope
So it rejects pollution, extreme weather and rising sea levels
For those near and far, the wealthy and those with nothing
It demands , lifestyle changes, reducing greenhouse emissions

Raymond Fox  October 30 2021 – day before COP 26 begins

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