Carnmoney Parish CGB presentations

Tuesday March 15th 2022

Carnmoney CGB members.

Presentations were recently made to members of the Church Girls’ Brigade in Carnmoney. Despite the pandemic, numbers have remained steady.

Officer Betty Redfern left due to other commitments and Sarah McLean and Debra Millar have joined as leaders, while Emily Conn is taking on leader duties.

Service Medals have been awarded to Emily Conn, 15 years; Katie Conn, 15 years; Abigail Thomas, 10 years; Tori Hunter, 10 years; Eva Tumilty, 10 years; Poppy Hunter, 5 years; Alexis Beattie, 5 years.

A well-deserved 30 years medal was awarded to Captain Amanda Kenny, who was a founder member of Carnmoney CGB Company back in 1992.

Merit Badges are awarded to girls who have moved up to their next section and who have been a credit to themselves. Recipients of Merit Badges were Madison McAlister, Ellen Gill, Tori Hunter, Eva Tumilty, Alexis Beattie, Abbie Hunter, Rosanna McLean, Lyla Beattie and Jorgie McIlwaine.

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