Prayers for all involved in exams

Monday May 16th 2022

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It is exam time for many young people. The Church of Ireland Board of Education (Northern Ireland) wishes to encourage parishes and schools in their prayers over the next few weeks to remember all those undertaking exams and those invigilating and marking them.

The prayers below are offered as a guide and include prayers for use in a church service or assembly and prayers that can be shared with young people for their personal use.

For all those taking exams

Father God,
We thank you that our names are written on the palm of your hand,
Not in the way we write things on our hands so as not to forget.
But because OUR name is constantly on your mind,
Because you KNOW us by name,
Because you CALL us by name
Because our name is PRECIOUS to you.
Today dear Lord we lift to you all those who are preparing for exams.
Bring peace to their bodies,
Quieten the beats of their racing hearts,
Allow clarity to reign in their minds.
May they rest and rejoice knowing
YOU are speaking their name,
YOU created them and know their inmost being,
YOU have a plan for their lives.
God of peace surround them,
God of power go before them,
God of love hold and sustain them.

 Author: Rachael Murphy, Church of Ireland Children and Families’ Officer

Dear Lord of body, mind and soul.
We think today of those about to take school and university exams and we ask you to give them your peace. We think also of those who invigilate and mark the exams, may you give them wisdom and compassion.
Be with the teachers, parents, family, and care givers as they support the young people both through the exams and with the results. May they show love and understanding and give them insight in guiding the young people forward with their lives.


 Author: Peter Hamill, Church of Ireland Board of Education (NI)


For young people to help them as they prepare and take exams:

Keep reminding me of the bigger picture over the next few weeks,
Keep me in your hands when all other hands disappear,
For I am convinced that neither entry requirements nor exam results, anticipation nor doubts, neither success nor failure, nor any expectations, neither last minute fears nor anxieties, nor anything else in life, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
Please, don’t let me forget it!


 Author: Church of England

Dear Lord,
As I prepare to write the test ahead of me, I pray that You will quiet any anxious thoughts inside me. When various distractions tempt me, could you help me remain focused and calm?
Please grant me the discipline to prioritize my studies and to be able to take my test knowing that I have done my part. I pray that You will bring to mind what I have studied when I write, give me an understanding of each topic, and peace when the time comes so that I might finish strong.
In Jesus’ matchless name, I pray. Amen.

Author: Charismatic Episcopal Church


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