Could you be the next parish to host Streetreach?

Tuesday June 14th 2022

Flashback to Streetreach 2019 in Mossley Parish, which – following a two-year gap due to the pandemic, is also hosting this year’s event.

Connor Youth Council is on the hunt for a new parish to partner with the young people to host Streetreach in 2023 and 2024.

Streetreach is a missional event provided by Connor Diocese offering young people the opportunity to practically serve in a parish, grow in their faith and be able to share their faith with others.

Streetreach can be a blessing to a parish as the partnership seeks to facilitate opportunities for young people and to engage with the local community.

Since the first Streetreach in 2015, the diocese has committed to partnering with a parish for two years.  Streetreach runs from the Tuesday evening (following Summer Madness finishing in the morning) to the Friday evening. In 2023 it will run from July 4-7.

Parishes who are interested in applying are welcome to visit Streetreach which is running this year in partnership with Mossley Parish from July 5-8. Please contact Diocesan Youth Officer Christina Baillie to arrange a visit.

What Streetreach requires from a parish:

  • A clear sense of purpose for how the team can be involved with the parish and the local community. The Streetreach sub-group will work alongside the parish to plan the details of the programme, but appreciates your ideas for how you could see the team being of most use during Streetreach.
  • To provide dinner for the team each evening.
  • A key person to be the point of contact for the Streetreach sub-group.
  • Encouragement for members of the parish to get involved in the work during Streetreach, especially any young people within the parish.
  • Suggestions for accommodation as the team will stay together nearby.
  • Prayer support from the parish in advance and during Streetreach.
  • Host a Commissioning Service for the team with Bishop George.

Closing Date for applications is Friday September 16 2022.

The Streetreach sub-group will meet to discuss the applications and may wish to follow up with parishes for further discussion or arrange a visit before a final decision is made.

For queries, please contact Christina on 07753312405 or at the email address above.

You can access more information and apply HERE.

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