‘Movement for Good’ 2022 grants available

Thursday July 14th 2022

Benefact Group’s Movement for Good Awards is giving away a further €500,000 to support charity projects in Ireland north and south that have a lasting impact on communities.

For the fourth year running, the Benefact Group is giving away a total of €1million to charities through these awards. Applications for the larger grants of €10,000 or more are now open and close on Friday August 5.

Charities supporting education and skills, rural or community development, heritage, arts or culture, climate or environment, and human rights or equality are invited to apply online at: www.movementforgood.com/largergrants

In 2021, Dublin-based charity Common Ground, an arts development organisation, and Sligo-based charity Kids’ Own, a children’s arts organisation and publishing house; both received a €10,000 grant to fund great projects.

This year Ecclesiastical Insurance Ireland is inviting more charities to apply. The funding can be used within three years and for a blend of project and core funding costs.

David Lane, Managing Director for Ecclesiastical Insurance Ireland, said: “We understand the importance of longer-term funding for charities, especially when trying to bring ambitious new ideas to life and get larger transformative projects off the ground.

“Through our larger grants, we are actively championing innovation, giving charities the backing they need to propel their plans forward and turn creative ideas into practical solutions that benefit society. “As a company whose purpose is to contribute to the greater good of society, charitable giving is at the heart of what we do. We hope to see a number of strong applications from Ireland between now and the 5th of August, so we can continue to help charities at a time when they need it most”

In June, 250 €1,000 awards were donated. A further 250 €1,000 grants will be awarded in September and a further 120 €1,000 grants will be given away in December.

For more information and an application guide which details how to apply for the larger grants visit: www.movementforgood.com/largergrants

Movement for Good is funded by EIO plc, part of the Benefact Group.

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