Day of Prayer for Young People and Youth Ministry

Wednesday October 26th 2022

The Church of Ireland’s annual Day of Prayer for Young People and Youth Ministry this year falls on Sunday November 20. 

The Church of Ireland Youth Department (CIYD) is delighted to make available a new prayer journal to accompany the day. Produced in partnership with Missional Generation, the prayer journal is designed to help young people to pray and provide creative ways to listen to and respond to God.  The prayer journals are available from Diocesan Youth Officers or youth ministry contacts.

In addition, the Exalt prayer app now has some new features. Since the launch of the app at the Summer Madness youth festival in June, CIYD has seen more than 250 young people download the app. 

Exalt is designed to help 11 to18-year-olds, their peers and their youth group leaders to explore a weekly devotion together, helping young people seeking a faith in Jesus as well as those who have an active rhythm of faith.

The app is a creative and interactive way to help young people to pray as they explore six rotating themes over a year, with reflections on Freedom, Justice, Forgiveness, Giving, Rejoicing and Mission. 

The hope is that, as a generation listens to people reflect on Scripture and hear honest and open testimony, this generation will grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Bible.

One of the new features allows users to share their experience of the Bible verse into their digital spaces, strengthening the young person’s confidence in sharing the Christian faith and Scripture amongst their digital platforms. 

Exalt is available from either the Apple Store or Google Play.

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