Eglantine parishioner Anna celebrates 100th birthday

Monday January 9th 2023

Anna Martin on her hundredth birthday with the Rev Jason Kernohan and Bishop George Davison who paid her a birthday visit.

A very happy birthday to Mrs Anna Martin who celebrates her 100th birthday today, Monday January 9.

Anna has been a faithful member of Eglantine Parish Church since she moved to Lisburn in 1959, and her rector, the Rev Jason Kernohan, and the Bishop of Connor, the Rt Rev George Davison, called in to say hello on her big day.

Anna grew up outside Dromore, Co Down, and married her late husband Walter in Garvaghy Parish Church, in 1948.

She worked as a cook for local businessman Sir Clarence Graham for seven years before starting a family of three daughters, Mabel, Hazel and Linda. She also has a granddaughter, Donna. Anna remembers her time with Sir Clarence, who later became Baronet of Dromore, and Lady Graham fondly. “They were a lovely couple,” she said.

Anna still loves good food and is especially partial to fish and chicken. She attributes her good health to working hard all her life, and enjoys relaxing with a book or a crossword puzzle. She is also fond of Mathilda and Billy, two cats who ‘adopted’ her some time ago.

Eglantine parishioner Anna Martin celebrating her 100th birthday on January 9.

She said she was very thankful to receive a visit from Jason and Bishop George, who admired the plentiful 100th birthday cards displayed in the house Anna shares with Mabel – including one from King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla.

Anna enjoyed joking with the Bishop and her rector, showing a wicked sense of humour which had everyone laughing.

Paying tribute to Anna, Jason said she had been a very faithful parishioner, attending All Saints’ Parish Church until Covid-19, then continuing to follow the services online.

There was a big surprise for her when on Sunday the congregation recorded a special message for her during the morning service and shared it on social media early on the day of her 100th birthday.

We wish you many returns of the day Anna.


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