ReLENTless Prayer returns to north and west Belfast

Wednesday January 18th 2023

ReLENTless Prayer returns to north and west Belfast for Lent 2023, with prayer spaces in churches and Christian communities in the area open from February 27 until March 31.

Stephen Whitten, Church Army Evangelist with Connect Base, Connor Diocese’s North Belfast Centre of Mission, is one of the organisers.

“In a busy world, God can seem far away and difficult to connect with but giving time to earnestly pray can create doorways through which the reviving life of God can bring change and blessing on us and our communities,” Stephen said.

“With this hope in mind, we will be running ReLENTless Prayer again this year through the season of Lent and inviting other churches to get involved in creating space for people to connect with God.”

ReLENTless Prayer provides space for people to pray for north and west Belfast following a series of shared themes.

“The key basis is a partnership and collaboration to open prayerful doorways to the reviving power of God through the Holy Spirit which brings blessing upon our community,” Stephen said.

Each participating venue offers prayer space in its own tradition in its church, hall or small room, on a nominated day or days.

“Each prayer space is unique in its own right, but giving opportunity and space for people to pray through the themes that everyone will be praying for,” Stephen explained. “This can be done in various ways using music, light, opportunities for people to draw or write prayers, or simply be quiet. You can be creative to use your space, pictures, displays to focus people’s minds to prayer and draw them deeper in relationship with God.”

There will also be a book that ‘travels’ between each venue – this is a journal which gives people opportunity to include prayers of interest, pictures and prayer themes.

ReLENTless Prayer has been running for several years outside of the Covid-19. It was initially supported by churches which participate in the North Belfast Prayer Walk and has expanded to include many others.

An information event for any church or Christian community interested in getting involved will be held on Wednesday January 25 from 12.15 -1:15pm in St Stephen’s Parish Church, Millfield. A light lunch will be provided.  For further information, please contact or the Rev Canon Jim Carson at

Core Prayer Topics for ReLENTless 2023 are:

  • Family Life – bless and strengthen families as folk struggle economically.
  • Mental Health – for those struggling with loneliness and effects of Covid and financial pressure.
  • Good working and relationships in government – return to Stormont.
  • The NHS and all doctors and nurses and ancillary staff at a time of great pressure.
  • Those suffering illness, bereavement, and loss.
  • Local schools – safe education for our children.
  • Peace and reconciliation in our communities especially at election times.
  • Local businesses – that they can survive the effects of economic stress.
  • Growth in good neighbourliness amongst Christian churches and communities.
  • Renewal and revival of all churches for a positive influence on our community.

In addition to these, Stephen has highlighted two other prayer topics – firstly, prayers for peace among nations, races, and people groups and specially for an end to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine; secondly – in days of change and pressures on ‘the Church,’ what is God saying to the individual Christians, churches and Christian Communities about the future? As from The Book Revelations, (ch2-3) What is the Holy Spirit saying to the churches today?

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