North and west Belfast set for ReLENTless Prayer 2023

Wednesday February 22nd 2023

ReLENTless Prayer 2023 gets underway in north and west Belfast on Monday February 27, with prayer spaces in churches and Christian communities in the area open until March 31.

Stephen Whitten, Church Army Evangelist with Connect Base, Connor Diocese’s North Belfast Centre of Mission, is one of the organisers. “In a busy world, God can seem far away and difficult to connect with but giving time to earnestly pray can create doorways through which the reviving life of God can bring change and blessing on us and our communities,” Stephen said.

ReLENTless Prayer provides space for people to pray for north and west Belfast following a series of shared themes. Each participating venue offers prayer space in its own tradition. There will also be a book that ‘travels’ between each venue – this is a journal which gives people opportunity to include prayers of interest, pictures and prayer themes.

ReLENTless Prayer was initially supported by churches which participate in the North Belfast Prayer Walk and has expanded to include many others.  Relentless is open to anyone who wants to get involved whatever their background or circumstance.

Download the full ReLENTless 2023 Schedule.

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