David Luckman publishes third children’s book

Wednesday July 19th 2023

David Luckman.

The Rev David Luckman, a member of staff in Lambeg Parish, has recently published Polycarp – Faithful unto Death – the latest title in his series of children’s books.

The story focuses on Polycarp, who lived in the second century – in Connor Diocese the parish church in Finaghy is dedicated to St Polycarp.

The book is the latest release in the Trailblazers series of Christian Focus Publications. Trailblazers are biographical books for children who are aged 10-14.

Polycarp was a student of the apostle John. When he was older, Polycarp became the Bishop of Smyrna, a city in Turkey, and ministered in that city all his life, teaching the word of God to the church, and modelling a godly lifestyle.

As an old man, Polycarp was hunted down by the Romans and murdered because he would not profess ‘Caesar is Lord’ in front of a stadium full of people calling for his death. Polycarp died a martyr’s death and in-so-doing, encouraged faithful Christians to stand firm and contend for the gospel in a world full of opposition to them.

Explaining why he wrote this book, David said: “Polycarp is known as an ‘early church father’ and he was such a significant figure in history that I think it’s important for children to know something about him.

“As a Christian, Polycarp faced persecution from the Roman Empire because he refused to worship Caesar. Polycarp embodied Christ’s command to his church in Smyrna, by being ‘faithful unto death’ (Revelation 2v8-11).

“I also think it’s important for young Christians to read and learn something about the hardships and successes of other Christians’ lives and ministries, because it can be a great encouragement and help to them when they face similar experiences growing up as Christians. In western societies, it is unlikely that readers will be hunted down for their Christian faith and killed for it, but they will face opposition and persecution for loving and following Jesus in the world today.”

To date, David has released two other books in the Trailblazer series: Jack Turner – Truth in the Arctic is currently on the publisher’s CF4K Top Sellers list, and Thomas Cranmer – The King’s Ambassador.

He has also written a Trailblazer to commemorate the 700th anniversary of John Wycliffe’s birth next year. John Wycliffe – According to the Word will be released in January 2024.

Polycarp – Faithful unto Death can be purchased directly from Christian Focus Publications, Christian bookshops or on Amazon.

David Luckman is the Church Planter at Hilden Community Church in Lisburn, which is part of Lambeg Parish in Connor Diocese. He is married to Sarah and has two daughters

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