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Saturday October 21st 2023

Pioneer Ministry is a growing movement within the Church of Ireland to reach those with little or no connection to church.

Much has been happening to communicate the vision since its formal launch in February of this year. As part of this vision, the Pioneer Ministry Leadership Team is now wanting to start identifying the first of the new full-time funded pioneers and is also accepting applications for new funded pioneer ministries.

The first intake of these funded pioneers will be in autumn 2024, but the selection of these people will start in each diocese over the next few months.

Anyone interested in becoming a Church of Ireland pioneer minister, or in developing a new funded pioneer ministry, is asked to register their interest. The pioneer leadership team is available to help, support and guide applicants through this process, working with each bishop and their associated diocese.

Much more comprehensive information will be available during November at www.pioneerministry.org and you also can register your interest by emailing

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