Summer mission trip to Albania

Wednesday January 17th 2024

The Rev Jeremy Mould, rector of the United Parish of Templepatrick and Donegore, is organising a summer mission trip to Albania and is encouraging people to join the team.

The project will support a local charity, A2BAlbania, and will be involved in running a holiday bible club for underprivileged children in Elbasan from July 15-26.

This is a parish initiative but Jeremy, who has taken several teams to India in the past, including a ministry trip to the Indian Christian Mission Centre near Salem last July (as reported in the autumn issue of Connor Connections), says the team also welcomes people from outside the parish.

It is open to young people aged over 14 and adults. “I have taken mixed teams to India several times and they work really well, as the older folk model the possibility of being a follower of Jesus for the long haul and the older folk catch the enthusiasm of the youth!” Jeremy said.

He has a female adult co-leader and a number of members of the parish youth fellowship are hoping to join.

Jeremy explains why he chose to support this organisation. “My older brother Chris Mould is the CEO of a charity called House of Opportunity (HOP) and he has long term contact with Alketa Hassani who heads up the A2BAlbania charitable work in Albania through whom the HOP works to deliver some of its programme.

“Chris learnt that the church that used to send a team to run Bible holiday clubs had ceased to do so  due to a change of leadership, and so there was a gap that needs filled.”

Jeremy added: “Albania is a very poor country and the churches there need as much help as possible. Alketa is the leader of A2B in Albania and she is very keen for us to send a group to help them run this summer club for the underprivileged kids of Elbasan.”

No previous experience is required. The cost of the trip will be approximately £600. To learn more, please contact Jeremy at or call him on 07896 839488.


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