David’s new book commemorates John Wycliffe

Monday January 29th 2024

Author David Luckman.

David Luckman, Church Planter at Hilden Community Church in Lisburn, has just published his fourth book in the Trail Blazers series of Christian Focus Publications.

This year marks the 700th anniversary of the birth of the English Church Reformer and Bible Translator, John Wycliffe (1324-1384) and to commemorate this, David has written John Wycliffe – According To The Word.

David said: “John Wycliffe was a Catholic priest who wanted everyone to have access to the Bible in the English language and who was prepared to challenge the Church’s teaching and practice if he saw them as contrary to the Word of God.”

David described John Wycliffe as a significant figure in history because he was one of the earliest reformers of the Church in England.

“He stood firm on his Biblical convictions, even when he was faced with fierce opposition from within the Church and the desertion his friends towards the end of his life,” David said. “I think it is important for children to know something about John Wycliffe’s ministry and legacy. I also hope the story of John Wycliffe will help instruct and inspire readers to keep going in the Christian life, even when they are faced with challenges because they follow Christ today.”

The four titles published by David Luckman.

James Poole, Executive Director, Wycliffe Bible Translators, endorsed the book, saying: This is a great book about a real hero of Christianity. We owe so much to people like John Wycliffe. He was one of the first people to translate the Bible into English, inspiring Wycliffe Bible Translators to do for others what he did for English speakers. His teaching paved the way for the Reformation, and his life inspires us to stand firm in Christ. A terrific read!”

David’s other titles in the Trail Blazer series are Jack Turner – Truth in the Arctic which is currently on the publisher’s CF4Kids Imprint Top Sellers list; Thomas Cranmer – The King’s Ambassador; and Polycarp – Faithful Unto Death.

Copies of John Wycliffe – According To The Word are available from Christian Focus Publications, Christian bookshops and Amazon.

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