Rev Andy Moore appointed Chair of Christian Ambulance Association

Wednesday March 13th 2024

The Rev Andy Moore, curate in the Parish of Kilconriola and Ballyclug, Ballymena, is the chair of the Christian Ambulance Association.

The Rev Andy Moore, curate in the Parish of Kilconriola and Ballyclug, Ballymena, has been appointed chair of the Christian Ambulance Association (CAA).

Andy joined the Ambulance Service aged 19. He completed his Paramedic Science Degree in Coventry University in 2009 and worked with West Midlands Ambulance Service until 2012 when, after meeting his wife Laura, he moved to the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service.

He was ordained priest by the Bishop of Connor, the Rt Rev George Davison, in September 2022, having served as deacon intern in St John’s, Orangefield, Diocese of Down and Dromore.

As well as working for the parish full-time, Andy continues to do a couple of shifts each moth as a paramedic. “The last thing I wanted to do was walk away and lose the knowledge and skillset I have built up over the years,” he said. He is also a volunteer ‘First Responder’ in the local community.

The Rev Andy Moore, outside St Patrick’s, Ballymena, where he is curate.

The Christian Ambulance Association is a small but growing organisation across the UK and Ireland. “There are a lot of Christians in the Ambulance Service, but for a long time you wouldn’t talk about your faith, or wear a cross for instance, but that is changing,” Andy said. “The CAA wants to highlight the fact that there are Christians in the workplace. We have around 400 signed up members, but there are a lot more out there who have not signed up.”

Andy learned of the Association’s existence on social media five years ago. He volunteered to lead for Northern Ireland, and earlier this year was invited to take on the role of Chairperson. Like Andy, all members of the CAA Board are volunteers.

“I took a week to pray about it and the Lord didn’t say no, so I took up the post in February,” Andy said. “We meet every three months, and my role is to build membership and give spiritual direction. I have voiced my desire to expand into chaplaincy and would like the Association to support chaplains who are out and about with training and resources – giving something back to our members.”

He is also looking at integration with other Christian groups such as the Police Service and Firefighters. “I would like to set up a network so we can feed off each other,” Andy said. “We can pool our resources to build His Kingdom.

“It is amazing and humbling to do it. I look back to the time when I was ordained deacon and thought it would mean sticking with just one thing, but part of me was saying otherwise and I went with my heart. This is mission. I don’t believe that mission is only done overseas..

“I have had some beautiful conversations with colleagues since they learned that I was a minister.”

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