‘Seeds of Hope’ photography competition

Monday March 25th 2024

This year’s Church of Ireland Communications Competition takes the form of a photography competition on the theme Seeds of Hope.

The competition, run by the Central Communications Board in the lead-up to General Synod, is now open, with a closing deadline of 5pm on Tuesday April 23.

Anyone wishing to take part should email the Church of Ireland Press Office at pressoffice@rcbcoi.org for an entry form, and then send a photo of their choice to the same email address.

If you wish to request a printed application form and submit a photo by post, please write to Church of Ireland Press Office, Floor 2, 18-22 Hill Street, Belfast, BT1 2LA.

Winners will be announced at this year’s General Synod, which is taking place in Armagh on May 10-11.  The Central Communications Board alternates the scope of its competitions each year between print, photography and online media.

Bishop Pat Storey, who chairs the Central Communications Board, said: “As we look at the world around us, we all long to have hope that things will turn out well for those closest to us and others in need who may live further away. 

“So let’s see how scenes that picture this sense of hope, even in its earliest beginnings, can give us a chance to be creative and encourage others in our walk of faith. 

“We look forward to seeing what you send through, and how it will indeed share and grow hope.”


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