Situation continues to deteriorate in Yei town

Wednesday October 5th 2016

These mango trees outside Immanuel Cathedral in Yei during the Bishop of Connor's visit in January 2013 are how sheltering thousands of people displaced from their homes due to ongoing conflict in South Sudan.

These mango trees outside Immanuel Cathedral in Yei, photographed during the Bishop of Connor’s visit in January 2013, are how sheltering thousands of people displaced from their homes due to ongoing conflict in South Sudan.

The situation in Connor’s partner diocese of Yei, South Sudan, continues to worsen, with Bishop Hilary Luate Adebe reporting that literally thousands of displaced people are sheltering outside Yei Cathedral.

Bishop Hilary and his diocesan team left Yei last week for Arua, northern Uganda, to set up diocesan contingency plans, but the Bishop has now returned to Yei.

CMSI, who have been maintaining contact with its global partners in South Sudan, said the Bishop’s return was in keeping with his conviction that he should be there as a support to the people of the diocese.

On October 3, Bishop Hilary wrote to CMSI: “The situation seems to be becoming desperate around Yei town as rebel attacks move closer to town as far as 4 to 5 miles with heavy fighting… We can’t predict how long it will take for air transport to cease operating into Yei, (the only means out of Yei), to get cut off…”

Linda Abwa, Partnership Coordinator, CMSI, said:We are thankful for Link Parishes who have been faithful in standing with their sponsored students and several weeks back supported some of them and their families to move out of Yei and register as refugees in Uganda.

“Bishop Hilary has been resisting this move for as long as is reasonable. CMSI must stand with him and the Diocese of Yei at this time of uncertainty and agonizing decisions.”

Linda said Bishop Hilary and the diocesan staff who have remained with him in Yei are configuring contingency plans for what they believe is ahead.

In yesterday’s email the Bishop stated: “Our biggest worry is the displaced who are desperately hungry under the mango trees at Immanuel Cathedral. In all there are over 60,000 displaced from their comfortable homes.”

The UN have reported that 100,000 people are now trapped in Yei town and more than 1,000,000 have fled the country since July, many of these are now in northern Uganda.

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