People across Connor donate almost £11,000 to Yei Appeal

Friday June 9th 2017

A child refugee from South Sudan cooks food at the Rhino refugee camp in Uganda which Bishop Hilary of Yei has visited.

Parishes and individuals across Connor Diocese have donated almost £11,000 to CMS Ireland’s Yei Appeal following a plea for support by Bishop Hilary (full story).

Connor and Yei have been in partnership for almost 10 years. At the end of March Bishop Hilary of Yei appealed directly to people in Connor to help alleviate suffering caused by civil war in South Sudan.

His appeal was shared on the Connor Connor diocesan website and social media. In his communication Bishop Hilary outlined the severity of the situation which has seen more than 450,000 people flee from Yei to refugee camps in northern Uganda alone, while others have gone to DR Congo.

CMSI this week reported that Bishop Hilary is back in Yei. He moves between Arua in Northern Uganda and Yei to lend as much support to both sections of his diocese – those who have moved over the border and those who remain in the town.

Bishop Hilary of Yei.

We understand from CMSI that Bishop Hilary has been unwell, but is receiving appropriate treatment. Please pray for his recovery.

Since October 2016, CMSI has sent £50,000 to its global partners in South Sudan, with ‘significant’ funds sent to Yei Diocese. CMSI reported: “Some of these were used for emergency feeding programmes for displaced people on the Cathedral compound; now many of these people have moved across the border into northern Uganda.

“Funds have also assisted Diocesan staff who have remained in very difficult circumstances in their parishes in Yei. Many of these clergy are facing food shortages with their families.

“Assistance was also sent to the Diocese to set up temporary Diocesan systems In Arua to enable an effective response to the crisis in Yei.

You can support CMSI’s YEI APPEAL HERE.

CMSI has a general appeal for South Sudan, which will support areas including Yei, and you can donate to the SOUTH SUDAN APPEAL HERE.

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