A big thank you to Black Santa!

Thursday February 4th 2021

Some of the 232 charities which have received funding from the 2020 Black Santa Sit-out say a big thank you to the Dean of Belfast and all involved running the Appeal.

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, it is not possible to hold the annual Good Samaritans Service, which would have taken place this Sunday, February 7, in St Anne’s Cathedral.

Instead, groups which have received grants have submitted a picture which represents their organisation, and which has been included in this amazing montage.

If you are a recipient of a donation from the £230,000 raised, look closely and you might spot yourself! View a larger version of this image.

This Sunday, the online 11am Morning Service from Belfast Cathedral will mark Good Samaritans Sunday, and will ‘celebrate what has been achieved this this year’s Black Santa Appeal.

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